Dear Parent(s):

As I may have already noted to you, a teaching/therapy group will be offered to parents of children being seen in my practice.

It had been my plan to present the material in a one day seminar, but alas, conflicts with the availability of the meeting room, my procrastination in choosing a date, the upcoming holidays, impending graduation parties, summer vacations  and my scheduled time-off have converged to create the need for an alternative.  The material will be presented on two evenings in May in two three hour segments.

This teaching group is an extremely helpful/useful resource for making changes in your approach to parenting.  It will provide you with the information and skills necessary for transforming your current family situation into a more pleasant (and behaviorally healthy) environment.  It is important that all adults who are involved in the care of the child in question be part of this program.

This seminar will take place from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Wednesday May 23 and from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Wednesday May 30, 2018 in the meeting room of the Diabetes Association which is located next door to RGM office.

To my knowledge, no other therapist nor agency in the Dayton area offers this level of intervention for addressing emotional and behavioral issues within the family.  Your attendance and devotion to mastering the material presented in this workshop will improve your understanding of the role you can play in providing a more positive direction for your family’s future.

Video and audio recordings of educational material will be permitted; however, public distribution (especially via internet) is prohibited. The small group portion of the meeting will be considered confidential and cannot be recorded.


The most the two sessions will cost any attendee will be a total of 60 dollars.  There will be a group therapy session during each of the two seminars that will be billed to your insurance company; this will help to defray the cost of the program depending on co-pays and deductibles.  Every measure will be taken to make the program as affordable as possible for each person who attends.

Again, these two sessions are an integral part of your child’s therapy here at RGM; your participation greatly increases the chances for a successful outcome for your child’s treatment and future.

Register by clicking here to be transferred to the contact page at RGM’s website.  Please be certain to include how many will attend.   Space is limited.

Thank you on behalf of your child (or children),

Ray Messer, MSW, LISW-S

Download parenting manual from HERE.

Download parenting powerpoint Pt. 1 ; Pt. 2; Pt. 3



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